Sunflower Realty Case Study

Sunflower Realty

Sunflower Realty came to Webkrafts wanting to not only show house listings on their site, but also give prospective home buyers a glimpse into the surrounding McPherson, KS area.

So, while the main feature on the site may be the listings, there are other items that buyers will definitely make use of, including area school, mortgage, and relocation information. Profiles of individual agents are also displayed on the site.

One of the special features that Sunflower Realty wanted to use was a page specifically for Ron, the owner of the company, titled "Ron's Stuff." It is updated on a daily basis showing upcoming projects, etc. that the company is working on.

While the design was created by Webkrafts, Sunflower Realty decided they wanted total control of the site, so they maintain the site day-to-day, but stay in contact with Webkrafts on a constant basis for any questions they have.

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